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    The devastating cataclysms that occur five times per cycle are known to all arcane beings as these cataclysms are always related to the abuse of arcane power. Generally, after their occurrence, there is nothing to be done except to clean up after them. However, there is more that can be done and it is up to one being: The Mage.

    There have been three incarnations of The Mage since the beginning of The First Cycle of Man. The first two, being avatars of Lehnbor, did not feel the need to reverse their handy work. The third, a proxy of Lehnbor and Armee, did not determine how to reverse a cataclysm during his term. By the end of his term, he no longer desired to reverse a cataclysm as two were reversed in the span of a year during the last age of the cycle.

    Now the fourth incarnation of The Mage has been appointed. As one of Isildul's Arcaners, he is one of those who prophesied this cycles five cataclysms. His intention was to also try to mitigate them if not prevent them. Having been foiled in this effort to prevent the first one—the destruction of his home The City-State of Walton—and discovering that it is in his power to reverse a cataclysm, he might likely pursue a remedy to the loss of the great metropolis.

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